Yasmin – Tall Natural Fluffy Pampas Grass

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Hi, I’m Yasmin. Here’s my basics:


  • How tall am I? 110cm
  • How many stems do I have? You can choose between 3 or 5
  • What colour am I? Golden/blonde/creamy
  • What’s my fluff factor? 6 out of 6 (yay!)

Where do I come from?

Originally my family came from La Pampa and we’re related to the Cortaderia Selloana family of grasses, but really only distantly. I grew up in the UK and love it – it’s definitely home to me. I do love travelling though – especially if you put me in a window with a view of lakes, mountains, city skylines: I love watching the sun rise and set and have spent so many nights out in the cold and rain that it feels amazing watching it from inside a nice cosy home. Anyway, I digress, sorry! Next question.

What do I look like?

So when I was growing up I used to think my plumes were massive and I was really self conscious about it. My friends used to say they wished their plumes were as fluffy as mine but I’d have straightened them if I could. Now I’m a bit older I’ve decided I love them – they take little to no maintenance, most of them have never even been fluffed up with a hairdryer! Plus it makes me soft and cuddly – and who doesn’t want a bit of fluff to love.

What do I feel like?

SO FLUFFY! Imagine a mop made of teeny white feathers. No, wait – imagine a sheep if you washed and brushed all its wool. Erm…a fox’s tail made of cotton wool? Argh – this isn’t as easy as I thought. I don’t think I’ve ever felt anything as fluffy as me.

What will I be wearing?

Definitely my best black tissue paper top. I wanted one for ages and now I’ve got it, I only wear it on special occasions. Oh and my brown kraft paper jacket – it goes really nicely.


When it comes to fluff, we know what’s feathery or furry and what’s just enough. That’s why we’ve included a fluff factor rating out of 6 with all of our Pampas grasses. So if you’re looking for something as part of a bundle, you could choose a lower fluff factor so your Pampas doesn’t overpower other grasses and flowers. Or if you want a fluffy show stopper, you’ll find a Pampas that’s fluff factor 4 or above irresistible to the sight and to the touch!

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Number of Stems

3, 5


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Yasmin - Tall Natural Fluffy Pampas Grass

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