Winifred – Yellow Billy Buttons Tall Dried Flowers

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Meet Winifred. With timeless good looks, she’s a lady who knows how to have fun. Her 5 stems sized 60-70cm make her stand out in a crowd and whether on her own or with other flowers, she adds a splash of colour to any room. Give her a chance and she’ll make you smile every time you see her.

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Hi there, I’m Winifred. Here’s all about me:


The basics:

  • How tall am I? 60-70cm
  • How many stems do I have? 5

  • What colour am I? Yellow


Where do I come from?

The Craspedia family are a funny bunch: we’re sometimes called woollyheads but I prefer billy buttons – it sounds better with Winnifred. We’re actually closely linked with the Daisy family, although you’d never have guessed it.  Anyway yes, my great-aunts, uncles and whoever else all came from Australia and New Zealand. If you go, please take me – I’d love to check out Bondi Beach!

What do I look like?

Absolutely fabulous! Who else has teeny tiny petals formed in a ball, perched on such a long and dainty stem? I think my yellow is bright and warm at the same time, which means I look great against any backdrop.

What do I feel like?

Imagine hundreds of daffodils, shrunk down and covering a ball. I’m like the flower version of corn on the cob! I absolutely love texture and if you do too, you’re going to love me.

What will I be wearing?

Ooh time to get dressed up! I have the perfect black tissue paper that makes my flowers look amazing. In case it’s cold I’ll go for a kraft paper outer layer before hopping in a box to make my way to your place.

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five stems of dried billy button stems, inside a clear glass

Winifred - Yellow Billy Buttons Tall Dried Flowers


Out of stock

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