Wesley – Handmade Concrete Coasters – Round


Meet Wesley, a concrete coaster anyone would be proud to own. He’s smooth all round and comes with tiny pads to protect your surfaces and ensure your (much deserved) tea break goes smoothly, too.

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Hi, I’m Wesley. You can call me Wes if you like. The main thing you need to know about me is I’m very protective; I’ll care about your cuppa more than anyone has before. Other than that, here’s my info:


The basics:


  • How tall am I? 1.5cm
  • How wide am I? 10cm
  • What’s my USP? Super protective – like an older brother for your coffee
  • How many coasters will you receive? 4


What am I made of?

Strong stuff – you can trust me! 100% concrete, made in the UK with natural rainwater.


What do I look like?

I’m all rounder. Literally – I’m all round. I never look sharp, just smooooth.
I even have felt pads on my bottom to ensure I am extra smooth on all surfaces.


What do I feel like?

Smooth give or take a few air bubbles. Like a guy who doesn’t use chat up lines and just comes straight over with a drink for you. 


What will I be wearing?

I’ll wear my best string tie and some black tissue paper under brown kraft paper. If you’re lucky I’ll show you my nuts (my packing peanuts – they’re biodegradable, just run them under the tap!).



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Wesley - Handmade Concrete Coasters - Round


Available on back-order