Terrence – Hand Made Concrete Coasters – Hex


Meet Terrence, a concrete coaster who’s edgier than a teenager with a chin piercing. He’s hexagonal in appearance but there’s really only one side to him: chic. He’ll brighten up any tea or coffee break with his sharp style. 


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Hey, I’m Terrence. Here are my basics:


  • How tall am I? 1.5cm
  • How wide am I? 10cm x 11.5cm
  • What’s my USP? I’m going to make you look and feel so cool
  • How many coasters will I receive? 4


What am I made of?

100% concrete – mixed to perfection using 100% natural rainwater.


What do I look like?

Hexagonal, which means I look insanely good from every angle.


What do I feel like?

I feel good today thanks, how do you feel? Oh, texture. Why didn’t you say? As you’d imagine a hand-made specimen like me can have a few air bubbles, but they’re what make me unique.


What will I be wearing?

Something special. I’m thinking black tissue and brown paper kraft paper. Maybe some biodegradable packing peanuts to accessorise.


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Terrence - Hand Made Concrete Coasters - Hex


Available on back-order