Saskia – Brown Fluffy Pampas Grass

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Meet Saskia, she’s the pampas everyone else wishes they could be, because she can literally pull anything off. With 5 stems and a fluff factor of 5, no matter where she’s placed or who else she’s placed with, her brown and grey tones give her a look of pure sophistication, while somehow looking more on trend than Nordic cushions.

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Hey! I’m Saskia – pleased to meet you.


The basics:


  • How tall am I? 70cm
  • How many stems do I have? 5
  • What colour am I? Browny-grey
  • What’s my fluff factor? 5

Where do I come from?

You’ll no doubt have heard of my family, the Cortaderia Selloana family, from South America.  I prefer the jet setter life. You’ll find me in London, Milan, Paris, or when it takes my fancy, spending time in the country or sipping cocktails by the sea.


What do I look like? 


I look like the Bond Girl of pampas grasses. On the surface I’m sophisticated, petite and beautiful, but look closer and you’ll see there’s more to me than meets the eye. I’m full plumed (my plumes can fluff up to 30cm in size) full of life and full of different tones: greys, browns and even some golden hues. 


What do I feel like?


Imagine stroking a fluffy teddy bear. One that looks like it’s textured but at the same time is as plush and soft as your softest cashmere throw. 


What will I be wearing?


Something fancy. I want to make a good first impression! To live up to my Bond Girl looks, I’ll be wearing a fitted brown Kraft paper suit, with  a black tissue blouse. Can’t wait to meet you!



When it comes to fluff, we know what’s feathery or furry and what’s just enough. That’s why we’ve included a fluff factor rating out of 6 with all of our Pampas grasses. So if you’re looking for something as part of a bundle, you could choose a lower fluff factor so your Pampas doesn’t overpower other grasses and flowers. Or if you want a fluffy show stopper, you’ll find a Pampas that’s fluff factor 4 or above irresistible to the sight and to the touch!



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Saskia - Brown Fluffy Pampas Grass


Out of stock

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