Recycled Houseplant Name Tags – 12 Pack


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Everything you need to be a fully-fledged really responsible plant parent is here and it will make your life oh so easy!

These plant name badges don’t just have space for you to write fun plant names like ‘Phyllis the Pothos’ or ‘Dave the Dracaena’ – although if you’re anything like us that would definitely help you to remember what each type of plant you have is.

You can also make a note of how often to water your plant. So, if you think your week starts on a Monday you’ll know that a plant which needs watering every 7 days only needs a drink on Monday, while those which need misting daily can be clearly marked out with a ‘1’ for every day. It sounds simple because it is!

Pack of 12 with a mixture of blue, red, green and yellow so you can mix and match according to plant types, watering patterns or to complement the decor in the rooms your plants are in.

It even comes with a wipeable marker so they can be re-used time and time again.


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Recycled Houseplant Name Tags - 12 Pack


In stock