Penelope – French Dried Lavender


Meet Penelope, our french femme florale. With 40 stems measuring 50cm each, she’ll add a grande dose of chic to your home. A sassy temptress, Penelope loves attention so even if you somehow manage not to notice her striking beauty upon entering a room, she’ll make sure you’re tantalised by her enchanting scent to remind you that she’s there.

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Bonjour, my name is Penelope. Enchanté. Would you like to know more about me?


The basics:

  • How tall am I? 50cm

  • How many stems do I have? 40

  • What colour am I? Purple


Where do I come from?

My full name is Lavandula and I’m a member of the mint famille. My relatifs can be found across continents, from Asia to India and of course Europe, which is where I was born. The English ‘lavender’ possibly was derived from ‘lavandre’ in Old French which means to wash – this explains why people love how my scent and want so much to smell like me!

What do I look like?

I am pretty and perfectly formed. My flowers are petite and protrude in spherical positions around the pinnacle of my stem. In colour, some say blue some say purple. I say lavender – it deserves a colour all of its own! Oui?

What do I feel like?

Touching me is magnifique for two reasons. One: I am softer than I look and adore being stroked. Two: your hand will smell incredible afterwards – almost as delicious as I do.

What will I be wearing?

My black tissue négligée of course. With extra kraft paper so you can savour the experience of unwrapping me, once you’ve taken me out of my box.

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A bunch of lavender stems, inside a clear glass

Penelope - French Dried Lavender


Only 2 left in stock