Martha – Natural Bunny Tails

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Meet Martha, the friendliest and most genuine bunny tails there ever were. With 30 stems between 40-50cm each and the most natural of colouring, Martha works well with other grasses and dried flowers, but equally looks beautiful on her own. You can’t not love her.

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Hello there, I’m Martha. It’s wonderful to meet you! Please, ask me anything and I’ll tell all:


The basics:

  • How tall am I? 40-50cm

  • How many stems do I have? 30

  • What colour am I? Natural


Where do I come from?

My family goes back yonks and are spread all over the place. From the Mediterranean to New Zealand and as close by as the Azores and even Ireland. We’re the Lagarus family but our friends call us Bunny tails.

What do I look like?

I think I’m quite plain but my friends say I’m beautiful. I’ve got fluffy tips that look like long rabbit or hare tails – hence the name!

What do I feel like?

The first thing you should know is: I’m stronger than I look. My tails are virtually unsquashable and believe me, people love stroking them so much that they’d be flat as a pancake by now if they were as delicate as they look!

What will I be wearing?

When we meet, I’ll cover up in a black tissue paper number and wear my kraft paper coat. I’ll come in a box so you’ll have to let me out when I get there, so you give me a good squish!

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1 review for Martha – Natural Bunny Tails

  1. Sophie

    These were packaged really well and are really good quality. I’ve had lots of compliments on them so will be getting more as Christmas pressie

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A bunch of natural bunny tail grasses, inside a clear glass

Martha - Natural Bunny Tails


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