Mango Wood Chevron Trays – Small and Large


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Oh hello, mango wood trays! Choose your size using the options above (choose from small: 31cm x 20.5cm x 5cm or large: 41cm x 30.5cm x 5cm) and find out more about what makes these trays you’ll be thankful for, below:

Why do I need trays?

If you’re looking for trays you’ll know how flipping fantastic life becomes when you have some. If you’re just browsing and wondering ‘what would I need a tray for’ let us tell you!

Ready? Breakfast in bed. Coffee table photos. Sideboard storage. Somewhere to leave your phone, keys, wallet. The place to put everything you’ll need for the morning or for bed time. Accessory Eutopia – put your vases, candles and even sea-shells on them to instantly accessorise a room, while being able to move them out of the way when you need the space.  Clearing up – friends come round for dinner? Clear away plates, bowls, nibbles and empties. The possibilities are endless – trust us, trays are the best.

Why mango wood trays?

First of all, I think we can all agree these trays look stunning. With a chevron design and mixed, natural shades, they add class and style to literally anywhere you put them. Secondly, did you know mango wood is really made from mango trees? A hardwood tree, mango wood is strong, durable and often unique in its patterns.

Why these mango wood trays?

Now you’re asking the juicy questions! These trays come in two sizes, small and large. You can choose whether you want either or both and if you choose both, you’ll then have the choice of matching colours or slightly different shades – just let us know if you want us to match the colours for you! Unique enough? We think so.

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Tray Size

Large (41cm x 30.5cm), Small (31cm x 20.5cm)


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Mango Wood Chevron Trays - Small and Large

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