Hayli – Hand Tied Eucalyptus Bunch


Meet Hayli, our small but elegant hand tied dried flower bunch.
Measuring 30 – 35cm tall and containing at least 10 stems, she is perfect for small necked vases or bud vases.




Hey, I’m Hayli. Here’s the low down on why I’m amazing:

The basics:

  • How tall am I? 30-35cm
  • How many stems do I have? No less than 10
  • What colour am I? A mixture of dark green, black and white

What do I look like?

I’m always classy and look good wherever you put me. My monochrome stems are strong and supportive, with just the right amount of softness. You might notice I look happiest in a place where people are having a good time – I love putting a smile on other peoples’ faces and being around when there’s something exciting going on. 

What do I feel like?

I had lots of answers to this when I asked my friends! ‘The perfect bridesmaid thank you bouquet’, ‘elegant’ and ‘more satisfying in your hands than a glass of prosecco’ were my favourite responses. Separately, my stems are all really different. There’s green ruscus which looks fragile but is surprisingly strong, then there’s smooth and strokable eucalyptus, fluffy bunny tails and more! 

What will I be wearing?

Black tie bebeh. My LBD is a little black design. I’ll come hand-tied ready for action – whether it’s to join the party in a beautiful vase, to go straight into the hands of a beautiful bridesmaid or to adorn a super classy wedding cake. Wherever you want me, I’ll be there, looking my classiest. 

What vase will I look good in?

Hand-tied bouquets are great for narrow-necked vases and even bud vases. I personally love sitting with the lovely Luna vase.

Sending me as a gift?

Add a note on a card for free! Choose from the following designs and add a note to your order with what you would like written on it:

  • Miss your face
  • You’re the best
  • Happy Birthday
  • Meadow Made card: You’re so cool


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Hayli - Hand Tied Eucalyptus Bunch