Hatty – Pale Lilac Pretty Dried Flowers

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Meet Hatty, she’s super-pretty in an understated way, with 2 stems each 20-30cm long, creating an expanse of tiny pale lilac flowers. She’s elegant without even knowing it and adds class to large bouquets, or sits super stylishly in a vase of her own.

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Hello, my name is Hatty, it’s lovely to meet you. Here’s what I’d like to tell you about me:


The basics:

  • How tall am I? 20-30cm
  • How many stems do I have? 2

  • What colour am I? Pale lilac


Where do I come from?

If you’d like the full story, I’m a member of the Limonium Tartarica Dumosa family – yes, I know it’s quite a mouthful. We are also related to sea lavender. Limonium families can be found all over the world and there are a lot of us – over 100 species!


What do I look like?

I can pull off lots of different looks: whimsical, romantic and even boho. I have lots of tiny pale lilac, almost white coloured flowers and they’re shaped like stars with pointy petals and darker shading inside.


What do I feel like?

With delicacy comes intricacy so I have lots of tiny stalks for my star shaped flowers to grow from. This makes me sturdy yet soft – I’m not as fragile as my teeny tiny flowers would make me seem.


What will I be wearing?

In keeping with how versatile I can look, I’ll be wearing black (tissue paper) and brown (kraft paper) – see: chic yet boho all in one. I’ll look forward to meeting you when you open up my box!

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A bunch of pale lilac flowers, inside a clear glass

Hatty - Pale Lilac Pretty Dried Flowers


Out of stock

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