Dalila – Hand Tied Mixed Natural Grasses – Small


Review of Dalila on Etsy: “Bought as a gift for my mum, she absolutely loved it. Beautiful bouquet of dried grass!”

Meet Dalila, a truly beautiful, natural hand-tied selection of mixed grasses. Did we mention that she’s also completely unique? Whether you’re welcoming her into your home or her 10 (minimum) magnificent stems are a gift to someone you love, there will never be another Dalila exactly the same as your Dalila.

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Hi, I’m Dalila. It’s great to meet you, I can tell I’m going to like you already! Here’s more about me:

The basics:

    • How tall am I? 25cm

    • How many stems do I have? 10

    • What colour am I? A mixture of natural meadow grass colours

Where do I come from?

Literally all over the place – which I love! There’s no-one I know that’s as unique as me. Sometimes I’ll be travelling with my friends Martha and Alice to their family’s home in New Zealand and sometimes I’ll hang around with Meredith in England.

What do I look like?

My style changes all the time, but I always make sure I look my best. The unique look is definitely my thing and I love being different. Oh and my stems are always super neatly trimmed! I like to make sure they fit perfectly with my friend Ernie. Everyone loves Ernie.

What do I feel like?

A combination of textures, my lovely! I’ve never been happy to have one style for long so how I feel kind of depends on how I look.

What will I be wearing?

One thing that I do like to keep consistent is my outerwear. My grandmother taught me to always be ‘well put together’ to make a good first impression, so when I’m meeting anyone special I always wear my favourite black tissue paper and brown kraft paper before hitting the road in a cool box.

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Dalila - Hand Tied Mixed Natural Grasses - Small


In stock