Frank – Natural Meadow Cats Tail Dried Grass


Meet Frank, the meadow cat’s tail. He’s mild-mannered and very personable. With 35 stems at 80cm high, he gets on with other grasses and flowers alike, although he has a soft spot for bunny tails Martha and Alice. He’s a handsome fellow, so if for some reason you don’t notice him as soon as you enter the room, once you do, you’ll never forget him.

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Hello, I’m Frank. It’s great to meet you my dear. Here, let me tell you a little about me:

Here’s my profile:


The basics:

  • How tall am I? 80cm

  • How many stems do I have? 35

  • What colour am I? Natural


Where do I come from?

Well technically I’m a member of the Phleum Pratense family. Some of us go by timothy grass, others by meadow cat’s tail. We’re native to most of Europe, the colder parts at least. In fact, we’re well known for not being scared of the cold and wet, so unlike some of the more delicate grasses around, we don’t complain about the weather in the UK.

What do I look like?

Sturdy, strong and with a great head of hair – well, spikelets. Densely packed spikelets in a cylinder to be precise. No, don’t worry – they aren’t actually spiky, but they do mean there’s no chance of me balding any time soon.

What do I feel like?

I’ve been told I feel like stroking a cylinder of closely shaven hair. Just soft enough for it to be pleasant, but not fragile enough for me to succumb to wind, frost or a heavy hand.

What will I be wearing?

Black tissue paper shirt and brown kraft paper overcoat. I’ll be in my best box.

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A bunch of natural meadow cats tail grasses, inside a clear glass

Frank - Natural Meadow Cats Tail Dried Grass


In stock