Edith – Pink Dried Peony Flowers

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Meet Edith, there’s more to her than meets the eye. With 2 stems measuring 50cm you’ll be instantly aware of her pretty exterior, but once you really get to know her, you’ll start to see she has many more beautiful layers on the inside, too.

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Hi, I’m Edith, it’s lovely to meet you. Let me tell me a little more about me:


The basics:

  • How tall am I? 50cm

  • How many stems do I have? 2

  • What colour am I? Pink


Where do I come from?

My family name is Paeonia but it’s changed over the years to just Peony. I’m not entirely sure where my family comes from because peonies are native to Asia, parts of Western North America and Europe, so we’ve always been a little spread out.

What do I look like?

Oh you know, pretty petals and a green stem. Or, a bit like a rose but with more petals on the inside and outside and without the nasty thorny bits.

What do I feel like?

This is a good question. Here are some of the ways I’ve been described (to my face): ‘Like a pillow with layers’ and ‘like a super-soft, open onion’ – I know, they’re both a little strange. Basically, my petals are layered, really soft and there are lots of them.

What will I be wearing?

I am a strong believer that first impressions are very important, so I’ll dress neatly in black tissue paper and brown kraft paper. Classy but understated and no sign of any plastic. I’ll look forward to seeing what you look like when you get me out of the box!

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Two stems of dried peony flowers, inside a clear glass

Edith - Pink Dried Peony Flowers


Out of stock

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