Dinah – Golden Fluffy Pampas Grass

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Meet Dinah, she’s a shy little pampas and everything about her is incredibly cute! With super fluffy light brown/beige plumes and stems measuring 70cm, she lights up any room she’s in, but will always be completely oblivious when you gaze at her every time you see her.

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Hi, my name’s Dinah. What would you like to know?


The basics:


  • How tall am I? 70cm
  • How many stems do I have? 5
  • What colour am I? Golden brown/beige
  • What’s my fluff factor? 5


Where do I come from?


I have a huge family, the Cortaderia Selloana family from Pampas. I’m the youngest in my family – all my brothers and sisters are a lot older than me so they go out lots, but I like being at home. I love baking or being curled up with a good book. 


What do I look like?


Erm, kind of golden plumes, a bit like a golden retriever I guess. Maybe a bit fluffier. I’ve got 70cm stems and my plumes can be as big as 40cm when I stand up straight.


What do I feel like?


Erm. Can I say like a golden retriever again? I love dogs. Oh! No – definitely more like a cockapoo. I’m fluffy, but also kind of textured. Yeah, definitely more like a cockapoo.


What will I be wearing?


I’ll ask one of my sisters if I can borrow something of theirs. I don’t tend to get dressed up much, but they have this really cool black tissue paper and brown Kraft paper I’ve seen them wear and they look really cool in it.



When it comes to fluff, we know what’s feathery or furry and what’s just enough. That’s why we’ve included a fluff factor rating out of 6 with all of our Pampas grasses. So if you’re looking for something as part of a bundle, you could choose a lower fluff factor so your Pampas doesn’t overpower other grasses and flowers. Or if you want a fluffy show stopper, you’ll find a Pampas that’s fluff factor 4 or above irresistible to the sight and to the touch!


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Dinah - Golden Fluffy Pampas Grass


Out of stock

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