Bill – Natural Dried Barley Grass


Meet Bill, he’ll warm the cockles of your home. With 25 stems at 50-60cm he makes an excellent companion to any dried grass or dried flower bouquet, or stands proud as punch in a vase of his own.

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ay-up, the name’s Bill – Bill Barley. Cop a load of this:


The basics:

  • How tall am I? 50-60cm

  • How many stems do I have? 25

  • What colour am I? It’s all natural, love


Where do I come from?

Eurasia – which is what Europe and Asia used to be around ten thousand years ago – interesting, hey? Me on me own like, I’m from nearer by. It’s the family that’s from far afield – they call themselves Hordeum Vulgare but barley sounds fine to me.

What do I look like?

It depends if you make me into beer or not! Love a pint, me. Hopefully you’ll let me stick around as I am – I’d say I’m not too short, not too tall. Got some great, long whiskers and my grains are the neatest you’ll see.

What do I feel like?

Someone once said it was like stroking horse hair and I can see that – right majestic and smooth like.

What will I be wearing?

Only the best for a beauty like you! I’ll iron out my best tissue paper, squeeze into my kraft paper and find meself a decent box. None of this plastic malarky.

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A bunch of natural dried barley stems, inside a clear glass

Bill - Natural Dried Barley Grass


Only 2 left in stock