Bernard – Natural Tall Dried Oats


Bernard is a cheeky chappie and with 25 stems of 60-70cm long oats he’s the life and soul of the party. He mixes well with dried flowers and dried grasses alike, or adds a golden glow to any room in a vase of his own

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Alright me darlin’, it’s Bernard. Here’s what’s what about me:


The basics:

  • How tall am I? 60-70cm

  • How many stems do I have? 25

  • What colour am I? All natural here


Where do I come from?

Funny story actually. My proper name is Avena Sativa but I’m just your everyday oat, so it sounds a bit much to me. Anyway, us oats have travelled a fair bit with the old’uns coming from places like Asia and Egypt.

What do I look like?

I’m your typical rustly, oat. Golden from top to toe, smooth and husky – that’s me.

What do I feel like?

I guess I feel a bit like stroking a bunch of feathers – stroke me from bottom to top and it’s soft and smooth like, but stroke me from top to bottom and it doesn’t feel great for either of us.

What will I be wearing?

My birthday suit! Just kidding. I’ll be in black tissue paper and brown kraft paper, and just in case you don’t recognise me I’ll put your name on my box for when I’m delivered.

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A bunch of natural oat stems, inside a clear glass

Bernard - Natural Tall Dried Oats


Only 1 left in stock