Alice – Bleached White Bunny Tails


Meet Alice, she’s got stunning good looks that allow her to fit in, while standing out at the same time. Her 30 stems measure 50-70cm which gives her a classy yet cute look and when you meet her you’ll see she’s perfectly formed, popular and pretty.

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Hi, I’m Alice – it’s great to meet you! Let me introduce myself:


The basics:

  • How tall am I? 50-70cm

  • How many stems do I have? 30

  • What colour am I? Bleached white


Where do I come from?

My wider family must have been Vikings or back-packers because you can find us all over the world, from Europe to Australia. We’re all part of the Lagarus family but some of my cousins like to say they’re hare tails while my sisters and I class ourselves as bunny tails (it’s cuter!).

What do I look like?

I’m going for a classic bunny tail style, with sleek white tails and long slim stems. Kind of cute but classy.

What do I feel like?

I’ve been told my softness is my best feature. I don’t know how I got so soft because I don’t use anything special on my tails – in fact, I don’t use anything. They are super soft though, you’ll see what I mean when we meet.

What will I be wearing?

I’m not a big fan of wrapping up but I want to make a great first impression, so I’ll layer up with my nicest tissue paper and kraft paper. I’ll have a quick look in the mirror then will get in my box and be on my way!

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A bunch of bleached white bunny tail dried grasses, inside a clear glass

Alice - Bleached White Bunny Tails


Only 1 left in stock