Glass and Ceramic Vases

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  • £7.99

    Meet our Luna vase. She’s stylish, she’s sleek and she sits solid and sturdy for all of your dried grasses and flowers. Beautiful inside and out, Luna is wider at the bottom and with a narrow neck, making her the perfect vase for arranging your stems in a way that…

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    Our mini matte white & grey vase is ideal for bunny tails, small bouquets and even short pampas. With a tapered neck, choose how your chosen grasses or flowers are splayed out and whether you’re going for a dramatic or minimal look.

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    If you’re looking for a vase your pampas will stand proud in, look no further. At 31.5cm high it’s the ideal height for pampas grass and its tapered opening means you can choose how to style your pampas without it flopping about. Fully ceramic with a matte grey finish, this…

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    Meet Suzie, our cheeky white ceramic vase, measuring: width 9cm x height 11cm x depth 6.5cm. Fully ceramic, with a speckled finish, she’s the perfect vase to ‘perk’ yourself up or send to a friend as a peachy present. If she wasn’t ‘rear-ly’ amazing already, we’ve added options for you…

  • £14.00

    There’s literally no room with monochrome, scandi or just black accents where the Renzo cream metal vase wouldn’t make a real statement. Whether you’re using it for bunny tails, bunches of flowers or just as an accessory by itself, it won’t fail to delight you every time you walk past…