Gifting dried flowers vs fresh flowers

Firstly, when it comes to dried flowers we’re definitely biased. But you should hear us out – we’ve got some great reasons why sending dried flowers as gifts is way better than sending fresh ones.

Fact: dried flowers last longer than fresh flowers

At Meadow Made, we’ve all got bunches of dried flowers that we’ve owned for years. Take my (Hannah) wedding bouquet made up of roses and gypsophila for example – it looks as good today as it did on my wedding day, around 3 years ago. 

Now, compare that to fresh flowers. They look absolutely beautiful, but only for around 1-2 weeks. And no, we’re not exaggerating; take a look at Floraqueen’s blog which talks about the flowers that last the longest and you’ll see the majority of flowers last around 1 week.

If you’re into statistics, the difference between being able to enjoy flowers for 2 weeks and 3 years (just as an example: many dried flowers last much longer than this) you’re looking at an increase of 5114% of enjoyment.

dried flower and grass bouquetYou’ll be remembered

Now, this isn’t a morbid point – it’s a really happy one. Imagine you bought a friend a bunch of dried flowers (you’ve already realised they’re over 5000% longer lasting than fresh flowers and made a great choice). You don’t see that friend for months at a time, but every time you go round you notice the lovely dried flowers you bought them. If you notice them, your friend will have been noticing them too and every time they do, they’ll have thought of you.

You might have asked or been asked if you prefer flowers or chocolates and some will say ‘flowers, because they last longer’. If that’s their outlook, imagine how much more they’d appreciate dried flowers (and how many more years they’ll have of remembering when you bought those dried flowers for them).

dried peony flowers in a vase

Drying non-fresh flowers after a few weeks in a vase

You might think that you can send someone fresh flowers and then they can dry them out once they’ve had them in a vase for a week. We agree that would be ideal in theory, but unfortunately after a week or two in water, most flowers will start to decompose and discolour. Drying them out at this stage would mean you’re often left with ‘manky’ looking dried flowers, rather than fresh flowers or buds that have been properly dried out at the ideal time. Sorry – you can’t have your cake and eat it with flowers.

beautiful dried grass bouquet gift

Buying dried flowers from Meadow Made

Now you know gifting dried flowers is by far the better choice because we’ve hammered it home. You know all about how they last longer and that so does the sentiment/appreciation around giving and receiving them.

The next point is: why order dried flowers from Meadow Made?

I won’t go into how beautiful our dried flower bouquets and grasses are, but here’s what you get above and beyond that:

  • Customisation: if you’d like to add extra bunny tails (or anything else) to your bouquet or double up to get one twice then just let us know and we’ll make the additions for you
  • Personalisation: half the fun of receiving flowers as a gift is the message that comes with it. We’ll hand write whatever you like, so your lucky recipient can keep your words and their meaning for years to come, just like their dried flowers
  • Thoughtful extras: not sure if your recipient has a suitable vase for the dried flowers you think they’ll like? Simply add one to your order! We have images of lots of our products in the vases we sell, but if you need help choosing, you’re very welcome to message us for advice
  • Delightful packaging: isn’t it nice when something arrives gift-wrapped? And even better when it’s recyclable? We take pride in our packaging so that as soon as your gift of dried flowers arrive, your recipient is delighted by the parcel, the packaging and then the present of the dried flowers themselves
  • Excellent service: we think this should be a given with wherever you order from, but wanted to add it to the list to reassure you that we know service is extremely important. Whatever you need to know – ask. And whatever you would like we will always do our best to accommodate.

Seen the light? Check out our dried bouquets for yourself!

meadow made packaging

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