Meadow Made: Peace, Love and Pampas

What is Meadow Made?

Do good - feel good:

Do good - feel good:

We believe in “Do good – feel good”. To be more specific – spread peace, send love and appreciate strength and beauty – like the humble pampas grass, which is graceful yet fluffy, no matter how many storms it has weathered.

“Do good – feel good” guarantee

If you don’t get a warm fuzzy feeling from either sending a Meadow Made item to someone else, or receiving it after you’ve treated yourself, just let us know. When you buy something from us to make someone (including yourself) feel happy, we want it to mentally make you feel good. So, if we fail in achieving that, you can send it back to us and we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Cheer someone up:

Cheer someone up:

At Meadow Made, we want to be a destination you think of when you want to cheer someone up. What can you send someone to let them know you’re thinking of them? What will stay beautiful for longer than a week and remind that person they have someone who cares? What if that person is yourself?

Seek and you shall find! We aim to provide the answers to these questions in our product range. Whether it’s a dried pampas bouquet, some letterbox flowers or a unique handmade vase, there’s something for everyone.

Exceptional service and fast delivery

Exceptional service and fast delivery

We know getting hold of us is important and don’t want to be the kind of company that sends automatic replies or no reply at all. So, we promise that we’ll always come back to you within 24 hours – and when we do it will always be one of us, not a robot. You can email us any time at

We set Meadow Made up because we love the type of stuff we sell – really love it! So we know how it feels to picture a beautiful pampas grass in the corner, on your fireplace or by your front door and wish it was here right away. This is why we want to make sure we deliver everything you order as quickly as possible, so we always aim to post your order within 2 days of receiving payment – sometimes even quicker (it’s such a nice surprise to get things early!).

Why you can feel good about shopping at Meadow Made
Cheer someone up

Our products have been made with ‘cheering someone up’ in mind. We wanted something special we could send to our friends, family, colleagues, nurses, teachers and neighbours and once we started making these items we realised we were onto something (and often wanted to keep them for ourselves!).

Low carbon footprint

You can rest assured that whatever you buy from Meadow Made doesn’t come from the other side of the world, wracking up more air miles than someone with a private jet. We always have and always will source our products locally where possible and the very furthest we’ll buy grasses or flowers from is the Netherlands (via a UK company). Our ceramic and concrete products are all handmade by us, so they’ll only ever travel from us to you, within the UK.

We also work from our homes and the only travel we do ourselves is when we take your deliveries to a local shop for couriers to collect.

Responsible and sustainable packaging

From the first day of Meadow Made we’ve done our best to stay away from non-recyclable materials. Even where we’ve used packing materials to protect delicate items like glass or ceramic vases, they’re recyclable or biodegradable, including bubble wrap and packing peanuts.

Ask us for our advice:

If you don’t know what you want or what would look good in your room, or if you’re buying for a friend and want to know what would work with their colour scheme, just ask us! We’re always happy to give our opinion and send you options that we think are perfect for you.

Find out some really cool stuff about dried grasses and dried flowers:

We’re not just here to buy and sell stuff, Meadow Made is a passion project. So when we learn something cool about pampas grass or find an awesome new way to dry flowers, we’re happy to empty our brains into guides and articles to share with you.

It’s fun for us and will show you how much we care about what we do, so that when you look at your Meadow Made purchase, you’ll know it’s come from a place where people treated it with love, care and the respect its beautiful stems deserved.

Something special for someone special

Looking for something special, yet different and also not too much or too little? We only make small quantities of our handmade bouquets, vases and plant pots, so it’s extremely unlikely that whoever you’re hoping to cheer up will already have any of these things.

For more information about anything we’ve mentioned above, you’re very welcome to get in touch. We love it when people like you say hi! Just email us at


There are 3 awesome people behind Meadow Made


If we’re being honest (and of course we always are) we think Sally could give DIY SOS, Linda Barker and anyone else in interior design a run for their money. She’s got the kind of house where people save her insta pics for inspiration, except Sal’s inspiration comes naturally. We think she secretly dreams in monochrome, which has got to help.


Mamf is Sally’s double - literally: they’re twins. So of course she’s gifted with similar super awesome interior design genes. Her home and garden are both magazine worthy and she has a great space for creating concrete vases and coasters. That’s right - she’s the brains behind our concrete homeware, from design to creation and painting, it’s all Mamf. What a woman.


Hannah is our creative ceramicist. She spends every moment she can at her pottery wheel at her home in Scotland. When it comes to home interiors she's a big fan of bringing the outside inside. When she's not creating pottery she's either out in the hills or tending to her 50+ house plants.

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