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Dried Letterbox Flowers & Pampas Bouquets

…are just the start of what you can find at Meadow Made.

We love our floral family and know you will, too. Every single pampas grass bouquet, handmade vase or homeware item adds something extra special to your room. Whether it’s warmth, style or cuteness, we want to make sure you smile every time you see them.

Our grasses’, flowers’ and vases’ individual styles and quirks can be a reflection of your personality, too. If you feel empowered by flowers or like adding some sass with grass, we’re here to help you find the perfect Meadow Made match.

Who are we? Find out more about us and why we do what we do on our About Us page.


Why are handmade vases expensive?

Just like anything that’s properly crafted by hand, the creation of handmade vases require time, skill and attention to detail. Not a good enough answer? Fair enough. We’ll take you through everything that goes into making a handmade vase using a throwing wheel, compared with mass production. What’s involved in…

Dried Wedding Flowers (UK)

  Why Dried Wedding Flowers? Dried flowers are perfect for weddings. If you need a reason to choose dried flowers over fresh, look no further: Dried flowers for weddings are a sustainable way to decorate your wedding venue, Church or reception, because you can keep, re-use, sell or even give…

How to arrange dried flowers in a vase

Arranging dried flowers into a beautiful bouquet doesn’t require a degree in floristry - literally anyone can do a great job with a little trial and error. That means you! You might not have ever arranged flowers and only ever cut the bottoms off of fresh flowers and plonked them…